This year we are committed to making sure you have a great social experience through WULSA! It is super important to mix and mingle with other students as well as take part in networking events with practitioners.

Catherine Grobler and Julian Svadlenak are WULSA’s 2020 social officers!  The emphasis for the social portfolio this year is to bring events that are both casual and formal where students can get together, relax, and better know their peers. We are expanding our events to include more non-alcoholic events, so keep an eye out for our 2020 events!

As the year continues, more details and more events will happen, keep your eyes and ears peeled and get involved! We look forward to meeting and seeing all of you at our WULSA events.


Coming Up! 

Due to COVID-19, our social events are no longer able to be run as planned. Our Social Officers are trying to move this portfolio online with events such as zoom ‘coffee and catch up’ events.